Text: Fury

Director: David Ayer

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This movie called Fury is based in Germany, 1945, during the last few weeks of World War II. The Allies fight deep in the heart of Nazi, Germany, encountering the most fanatical resistance yet.

This movie showed me that what it is like to be a soldier and face the bomb in every second of your day. To be a soldier you need to be ready for your death at any time and you never know what would happen to you. I can imagine living here with fear of death is really scary. Also this makes me feel so sorry for all the soldiers, as war changes people into something they never thought they would become for. The main character, Don, he showed himself a monster in the begging of this movie by killing another soldier just trying to defend himself and his country.

I identified with the character called Norman “Machine” Ellison, played by Logan Lerman. He is a young man woefully unprepared, innocent, truly good army typist that was newly enlisted when he was assigned to be the assistant gunner in a tank, Fury, with the 2nd Armoured Driver. His character is easy to identify with because I can relate to him. In the beginning, he was really self-conscious He had no idea what he was supposed to do in the tank. He wasn’t sure if killing the enemy for his country was the right thing to do. Putting others first is not an easy thing to do. However, Norman is really loving and selfless. He thinks of others first even though, he was in the really tough situation. 

If I were him, I wouldn’t able to be like him, because I always think of myself first and how I can look better than others. But through this film, I learned being selfless is really important because this could influence how others treat you. When I was a little kid, my granddad always told me “treat others like you want them to treat you.” Now, I think I understand what he was trying to tell me. Norman got put into really uncomfortable position. He had no idea what he supposed to do and no choice to say that he doesn’t want to be here. However, through this experience gained his confidence and made him independent. Being in an uneasy place is the worst feeling ever, there is not anyone you know. But this condition made Norman strong and made him feel like he is part go the team. “Best job I’ve ever had”-Norman. 

This situation can relate to me because when I came NZ to study English on my own, I had no friends at school, I didn’t even understand what people saying and how to express my feelings to others. Going through this situation wasn’t easy for me because I’m quite self-conscious about taking in English. English is not my first language, so I was always scared about what other people thought about me. If I don’t speak English like fluent Kiwi, I would get judged by everyone and they won’t be friends with me. Now, I’ve seen people and got to know them, I don’t have any fear that I used to have. I feel like I’m part of my friends’ group. 

In the middle of this film, some soldiers from Norman’s side got killed by teenagers so one of his teammates shot them all teenagers. Norman thought they are really innocent and have the same thoughts with Norman which was they would not do such a thing. However, the reality was kids would do anything whatever they need to do to protect themselves. Norman was really shocked. Every single day, his thoughts are slightly changing to 180 opposite. Norman starts feeling like he is a part of a team. He started understating what other soldiers going through and what they are fighting for.

This movie made me feel upset and appreciate the place where I am because Norman had to kill all the enemy and War daddy had to deal with his emotion. Norman was still 19. I am 18. We aren’t so different.  Here I am. I am an exchange students in New Zealand learning English and having lots of new experience. In Norman’s situation, he is not able to learn what he wants to. The fact that young teenager boy is not allowed to do whatever he likes which makes me upset. He should be allowed. However, the reality won’t allow him because they need young man to be a solider. This is still happening to the world right now in some countries . 

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